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CCUBE TECHNOLOGY providing Courses are designed after a deep research with industry experts, Placement Officers, Technical Heads. These courses are designed and made as per industry standards and are planned with such a way that the job seekers or students must get a job after successful completion of the training course. These training courses are full of hands-on project practicals, personality development and resume writing sessions, mock tests, exams, interviews.

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PLC (Programmable Logic controller) training imparts the skills for implementing machinery and hardware related automation to rule the modern industrial automation process. Participants gain the understanding of PLC architecture, applications, instructions, programming, interfacing and troubleshooting. The learning curve encompasses ladder logic for establishing mathematical and logical concepts. The methods of controlling industrial electronic circuits namely relays and sensor interfacing is also covered. The training program provides insight and practical exposure on the leading brands of PLCs such as Allen Bradley and Siemens. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) training course provides a thorough technical overview of SCADA software used for supervision and data management involved in the industrial automation systems. In the process of developing SCADA applications, participants will learn about the ways of creating/modifying database of tag and writing logic through script. Creating animation, alarms, events and establishing connectivity between hardware and software all is involved in the training. Fundamentals of AC drive along with interfacing with PLC is also discussed.

  • Introduction to Automation
  • PLC Details
  • Introduction to PLC
  • I/O configuration & Memory Mapping
  • Programs & Ladder Diagrams
  • The Instruction Set
  • Communications & fault finding
  • Ladder Logic Programming
  • Relay Logic
  • Contactor Working
  • Timer Interfacing
  • Sensor and Process Instrumentation
  • Introduction to limit switch
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Introduction to SCADA Communication
  • Application Development
  • AC Drives

The main objective of the Training is to equip students with not just technical training but also much-needed career assistance. With its placement support, C Cube Technologies assists students in getting placed in top MNCs.

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